WinTrade is a price and cost efficient business process outsourcing (BPO and ITO) provider.
outsourcing outstaffing BPO data entry ICT call center data enrichment customer care support services Back office support Data enrichment Data actualization Data services Data entry Data mining Content services Email handling Telemarketing Opinion polls contact center cost reduction IP CCTV monitoring Tech support IT support Services WinTrade BPO helps you to focus on priorities, efficiency on all levels and usage of external expertise for your business. We are business process outsourcing professionals.
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Cost reduction


A focus on priorities


Efficiency of your organization on all levels


Usage of external expertise

Customer care

We care about your customers, 24/7/365. Chat, voice, e-mail correspondence is provided on demand. We are a multilingual, reliable, SLA-compliant business process outsourcing partner. We can fully adjust to meet your project's unique needs. Get in touch with us to discuss details and receive an instant price quote.

E-mail handling

We take care of your mailbox according to your preferences. Focus on the important things and let us do the rest.


We offer quick and easy setup of your telemarketing projects to cover your needs. Our IT infrastructure can provide online, real time project efficiency tracking, and our experienced project managers will lead the process within the KPIs.

Call center

Your call center support project has never been easier to set up. We have vast professional resources available to start and run your project at a high-quality standard and affordable price.

Opinion polls

We do efficient opinion polls within limited time boundaries and strict budgets. Custom reporting is included in the offer.

Data services

Keep your data handy and relevant. For this purpose, we will implement all the necessary activities using both technology, algorithms and professional resources, including data scientists to offer you the smartest possible solution.

Data enrichment

We take care of the integrity of your data and provide reliable data enrichment services. Data mining can be a separate on-demand process.

Data actualization

There is a cure to your data expiration - a constant actualization process, which can be outsourced to one of our project teams. You set up all necessary parameters and the frequency, we do the rest.

Data entry

We do complex data entry projects and document transformation services, including both our workforce and advanced OCR technologies.

Content services

We will assist you in quality content creation with the full power of IT technologies used in graphics and imaging, videos and animation, as well as text creation and scripting.

Support services

We are a friendly, helping hand for your customer. The process of communication and interaction in any support services will be available 24/7 in requested languages, with the possibility of tracking the issue's life and status cycle from beginning to the end.

IP CCTV monitoring

We do remote monitoring and issue reporting for you or your clients. Statistical analysis can be provided on demand.

Tech support

If nothing helps, read the manual. Or contact us. We provide chat, voice or e-mail tech support services for your app, technology or processes.

Back office support

Stay on top by letting us back you in your routine processes and procedures such as scheduling, appointment setting, data mining, and report creation.

IT support

We love IT and have skilled professional resources to provide support on many platforms and technologies. Delegate your hardcore processes and recurrent obstacles to us.