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WinRENT is WinTRADE BPO business line, offering a wide range of property management and administration services, from brokerage, construction and repair works to object administration, facility management, cleaning, transportation and minor repairs of office furniture and equipment.

is a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in administration and maintenance activity in the largest companies in Ukraine, which help partners effectively solve problems in commercial property management.

WinRENT is your easily controlled, the most convenient in management (one contact = one payment = one work completion certificate) external maintenance department. We can help reduce the cost of selection, management and maintenance of commercial facilities, improve service quality and customers and employees’ satisfaction.

WinRENT is an effective solution for commercial facilities management, which allows to optimize costs, improve its EBITDA, capitalize operating costs and free up additional resources to address core business tasks.

    WinRENT services*

    *These services are available only on the territory of Ukraine


    WinRENT experts help partners profitably invest in commercial real estate, give professional advice on the selection and operation of facilities. We will offer the best options of commercial, office and industrial buildings and warehouses. Our legal support of transaction processing will help partners save time and money.

    Objects commissioning
    WinRENT specialists will place an order for construction works project and select contractors, obtain all necessary permits as well as design and build the IT infrastructure. We will choose the best solution that will fit reasonable price-quality ratio.
    WinRENT saves partners’ resources, completely taking control over subcontractors, management and supervision of construction works.
    WinRENT specialists on behalf of the customer sign a contract for the whole complex of utilities supply, allowing partners to concentrate on the main business tasks.

    Objects  administration
    WinRENT optimizes our partners' expenses on real estate management and exploitation. We will take control over smooth supply of public services for our partners and take care about their timely payment and documents closure for provided services. We will not allow overpayments and penalties.
    Manageability of the process is ensured by WinRENT reports on expenditures and payments which are regularly provided to the customer.

    Objects maintenance
    WinRENT rids you of unnecessary payments and communication with administrative structures, taking on the organization and support of measures to ensure fire safety and labor protection, according to current legislation.
    Experienced specialists will maintain the communication systems in operating condition, ensure the timely routine maintenance and supply facilities with all necessary consumables.
    We will take care of maintenance and protective servicing of internal power supply, heating, air conditioning and alarm and fire control systems, providing regular reports on the technical condition of objects.
    Implementation of suggested cost optimization measures for object maintenance will allow partners to release resources and invest them in the core business.

    Office consumables provision
    WinRENT experts will analyze our partners’ needs, pick up and provide the best options of supply of stationery, consumables, cleaning products, drinking water and food. Our technicians provide prompt and efficient service of household and office equipment, which would extend their lifespan. If necessary, we will arrange the purchase and replacement of appliances and furnishing.

    Cleaning. Housekeeping and adjacent area cleaning
    WinRENT cleaning specialists will create comfort in the customer premises. Every day at a convenient time for the partner time we will perform dry and wet cleaning of offices, stairways and hallways, elevators, and during the workday we’ll keep bathrooms and common areas clean and tidy.
    If necessary, WinRENT provides deep cleaning of windows, facades, cleaning after repairs, as well as adjacent area cleaning and garbage removal, lawns cut and watering, snow removal.
    Consumables and hygiene supplies control, special prices for their purchase, allow us to significantly save money without compromising on the quality.

    Transportation and handling operations
    WinRENT enables significant reduction of freight forwarding costs through the use of our fleet. We will provide any class of cars at a convenient time and in required quantities for taking the staff home and to the office, to meet guests at the airport / train station with their subsequent escort, for business trips in Ukraine. In addition, you can book transport for all types of construction works: transportation of construction materials and construction waste disposal. If necessary, we will provide workers for loading and unloading.

    Premises, furniture and intercommunicating system repair activities
    WinRENT specialists take on the organization and handling of the whole complex of construction, repair and finishing works, including installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and heating, construction and maintenance of local IT- and electric networks, installation, relocation, furniture minor repairs, replacement and recycling of lamps.

    WinRENT resources and capabilities

    • Regional offices with their own material and technical facilities, in all regions of Ukraine.
    • Dedicated hotline for customer service 365/7/24.
    • A team of experienced managers with rich expertise in management and maintenance of commercial real estate.
    • Hundreds of skilled employees, tested by our own HR department.
    • Hundreds of technicians with the expertise of the complex jobs.
    • Experienced team of HR managers and trainers who are constantly analyzing the work of staff and care about the growth of their competences. Special attention is paid not only to the professional level of our employees, but also their moral and psychological qualities.
    • Use of modern methods of management arrangements and quality control system.

    Advantages of cooperation with WinRENT

    Cooperation with WinRENT allows our partners:
    • Reduce operating costs and improve EBITDA.
    • Improve the quality of financial management: predictability, transparency and full control of costs and no hidden fees allow planning and budgeting for a long period.
    • Transfer the expenses for facility maintenance to the costs of outsourcing services, excluding them from taxable income.
    • Save money on object maintenance by preventing emergency situations, admitting no reworks and operational lifetime extension.
    • Get maximum convenience in object management: one contact = one account = one work completion certificate.
    • Save resources due to the absence of problems with the government, regulatory authorities and utilities.
    • Reduce time and cost for non-core activities, which allows focusing on core business tasks and increase its efficiency.
    • Increase customer and staff loyalty by increasing their satisfaction with services
    • Efficiently deal with administrative matters i.e. 24/7 hotline will provide constant reception and distribution of applications.
    • Be fully confident in the safety of confidential information and property.
    • Get a guarantee of financial responsibility for the quality of work performed.

    You can download information about WinRENT services.

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